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A fun Club for women of all ages to express a sassy attitude of self-confidence.A woman who is a Babe In Total Control of Herself is a very appealing woman. She knows who she is from the inside out and does not accept anything less than the best in her life. If you are in her life, then you are one of the best. Anyone that comes in her life either take her as she is or keep on moving and make way for someone who is more worthy of her time. A babe goes after what she wants in life and does not wait on someone to hand it to her. She does not stay home waiting for the perfect man to call or the perfect job to land in her lap. She goes out and creates the life that she truly desires. She is a babe because she has dealt with her emotional issues and she knows how to be honest with herself regarding what she desires. She does not look to a man to define who she is. Instead she defines herself before getting involved with a man.

Our goal is to inspire women of all ages to be the master of their lives and aspire to be the woman of their dreams. Let’s help each other by sharing our moments- it just could make a difference in someone’s life

BMW Phil.

The BMW Car Club of the Philippines held its first meeting on October 28, 2001. Since then, the Club, now recognized by and part of the International Council of BMW Clubs, has grown from a small gathering of five BMW enthusiasts to more than 100 members today. It’s mission is to promote interest in BMW motoring, touring activities and to encourage safe skillful driving, with no profit motives. So, if you have the latest M3, a 10 year old 316i, a family going 523i or anything in between, as long as it’s a BMW automobile and it’s in a safe condition to drive, you’re always welcome at the BMWCCP!

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