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[Level 1. #Position] – Rights; people follow you because they have to.
– Your leadership is just about your Position (Position of Leadership).
– You are the boss, you are the upline, so people need to or must follow you even sometimes they don’t want to.
– People are not highly committed.
– Don’t stay on Level 1.

[Level 2. #Permission/Relationship] – They want to follow you because people like you, they like you.
– People want to stay with you; it is the connection you build between them, it’s the relationship that matters.
– As a leader, you have to work hard on ‘how to connect with people’.
– You have to master the art of ‘touching people’s heart’. Do it genuinely.
– This level creates a huge charge for everybody.

[Level 3. #Production] – This is where success kicks in.
– The success is in your belt.
– It’s the time when people feels good about themselves, they will feel more confident.
– The company will feel good.
– It’s all about what you have done for the organization.
– Profit must go up, create a result.
– Company must grow because you are leading
– Loyalty level is growing; people becomes loyal & committed.

[Level 4. #Development/Reproduction (develop)
– People follow you because of what you have done for them.
– People wants to follow you because they will feel safe and guided with your leadership.
– Community/People grows in this level.
– Loyalty is the keyword for this level.
– People becomes much better than before, they will absolutely grow, they must learn many useful things from your leadership.
– Share ideas and stories together.

[Level #5. Person-hood/Respect] – People follow you because of who you are.
– This is the most wonderful level among the five.
– In order to achieve this level, you have to do first the 4 levels.
– Respect is everything. Commitment is easy.
– Success and Time-freedom follows.

Eddy Chai

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