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About Eddy Chai

Eddy has one of the largest MLM distributorship in Taiwan with over one million members and over 30 years of MLM experience.

Eddy never went to college and began his career as an Inspector in the Malaysian Police Force assigned to jungle warfare. After his service, he and his young family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada where he owned and operated several diners and cafes.

In 1980, he was introduced to MLM by one of his restaurant customers. Shortly after, he moved to Taiwan to start the business, without any prior visit to the country and with no knowledge of the language or friends.

Eddy has been selected as the 1998 Outstanding Role Model Businessman of the Year as well as the 2002 Time Elite Award of Taiwan. He has been featured in numerous foreign and domestic print and media for his accomplishments in MLM. He is married with three children.


English name Edward
Chinese name Phin Saan
Nickname Eddy
Date of birth December 4, 1950
Place of birth Kuching , Malaysia
Chinese zodiac Tiger
Education St. Thomas High School , Kuching , Malaysia
Beliefs Aim higher, Live life, Fear God
Dream when young To be rich and happy
Favorite music “What a Wonderful World”
Hai-O Jonathan Song (Chinese)
Favorite movies Groundhog Day. Seabiscuit and Chinese swordfighting movies
Favorite color Spring colors
Favorite foods Spicy food
Favorite sports to watch Golf, basketball and baseball
Favorite place Whistler, British Columbia
Quality most admired in others Honesty, Loyalty, Reliability
Quality most admired about yourself I am a good student and thus the characteristics that make a good student
Role Model Zhuge Liang (see link)
Collects Antiques, Cigars, Knives, Teapots
Work experience prior to MLM Police Inspector, owner of Coffee Shop/Diner
Favorite pastime Reading books on MLM or do nothing
Favorite athletic activity Used to be Golf but none now. No time.
Aspiration To spread the good word of The Bible and about MLM
Favorite indulgence Eating foods that are probably not so good for me
If you could have any superpower what would it be? Be able to foresee the future
What is your motto? Aim higher, Live life, Fear God
What age you made your first million (USD)? 37
Size of your first bonus check? In my 1st MLM company. NT600 or about USD22
In my 2nd MLM company.
NT 340,550 about USD 12,613 (December 15, 1987) 1 USD = NT 27
What is your total number of downline? Over 3 million and growing (2011)
What is your global reach? My downline is spread out to over 20 countries.
Favorite books Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)
Who Moved My Cheese (Spencer Johnson)

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About iDeasDivine

IDEAS DIVINE INTERNATIONAL is a Creative Marketing Company that promotes powerful trainers, coaches, authors, consultants who are out to change the world.

  • Development of Marketing Structures
  • Setting up a Marketing Company’s Core Team
  • Gives Training Support thru a Mentor’s Circle
  • Assistance in Travel Incentive Development

Elegance,poised stature,innovation,ideas,endless creations,adaptability,originality,authentic generosity and genuine leadership. These are the qualities that characterize an encounter with Ms.Dvine Anchoriz who has made a difference in so many lives. Over the past decade and a half,she has made an impact in the lives of thousands of people who have had the opportunity to learn from her,be guided by her,and be part of the team led by her.

At age 22, she started her path towards a life of success,fulfillment, sharing and giving.This path meant dedicating her efforts to reaching her dreams of helping others find theirs and making them a reality. She started by achieving her stability and wealth at age 22, earning her first million in her first year of doing network marketing. In the same company, she mentored and produced 15 managers ina span of two years. She qualified for various incentives including car, travel, and profit sharing. She also attained membership in the company’s most prestigious club, the Presidents Club.

Ms. divine, as she is popularly called continued her career with a binary company. For the following years she demonstrated a mastery of the key elements for succeeding in the industry as her success grew in depth and magnitude.

The next feat she confidently talked was starting a network marketing company with partners. At aim global inc.,she actively played a role in the production of training modules and motivational sessions particularly during the first two years of setting up and managing the company. She also formed one group of core team where the pioneers are now making millions.

However, she would accomplished even greater heights in the industry when she spearheaded the setup of a Taiwan-based MLM company in the Philippines.Within the first two months of the start of operations, Ms.d has built a network of 10,000 distributors. That begun another level of accomplishment in the industry that would seal her recognition as an industry expert.

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About Jopet Pedroso

Jopet Pedroso is a much sought-after Training Consultant who conducts amazing workshops that impact both intellect and attitude. His entertaining, direct-to-the-point and simple yet real approach to his lectures and activities creates an effect on his participants that last a lifetime. A Jopet Pedroso Seminar is an Experience you will never forget.

He started his training career as part of the Training Team of Shakey’s end eventually became the Training Head. His entry into Network Marketing via Forever Living Products gave his the opportunity to help develop hundreds of Leaders thru his Network Marketing Skills Training and Team leadership and Team Building Workshops. Much of the Team Building workshops being conducted in the MLM sphere were based on Jopet’s Programs.

Most of the Industry Leaders and many MLM Company Owners went through a Jopet Pedroso Seminar as part of their development. Jopet Pedroso is a name in the industry that is synonymous to High Quality Seminars and Learning Activities.

Other companies that have had Jopet help them in Increasing their Sales tremendously and in Developing their People towards Excellence are

  • Pilipinas Shell
  • Shell Petroleum Corporation Guam
  • The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Manila
  • I-Connect Telecoms Guam
  • Forever Living Products Manila and Hong Kong
  • The Bistro Americano Group of Concepts [TGI Friday’s, Italianni’s,
  • Fish & Co., Flapjacks]
  • Cibo Italian Restaurant
  • Collezione C2 Clothing Line
  • Pizza Hut Bistro

Jopet is also currently coach and consultant to Networks of Alliance In Motion Global International. He is also the author and developer of the very first Life Adventure Planner for People in Network Marketing.

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